/g/, just like every other board on 4chan, has a share of trolls and copypasta any new member to /g/ should be aware of.

Trolls Edit

Common trolls you are likely to see on /g/

Sudo rm -rf /Edit

When asking for help on a *nix system, one may be told to run the following command:

sudo rm -rf /

This command recursively deletes files. In other words, it deletes everything.

Delete system32Edit

When asking for help on a Windows system, one may be told to delete their system32 folder to fix a problem or speed up their computer. This troll is common across the Internet and does nothing more than fuck Windows up. Don't do it.

Install GentooEdit

When discussing installing a new Linux distribution, especially for people new to GNU/Linux, Gentoo is commonly suggested. Gentoo is known for being hard to install which makes it difficult on any new GNU/Linux user to use.