Mech keyboard switches

The inner workings on a mechanical keyboard switch, with detailed information on the loudness, force required to activate etc.

Keyboard guide

Expansive keyboard guide. Commonly used on /g/

The keyboard along with a mouse and monitor is one of the most used parts of a computer. As such you don't want some piece of crap £5 keyboard giving you carpal tunnel syndrome. Here are some guides to the common keyboards you may wish to look into getting. To avoid getting some form of RSI you should also use a wrist support.

Protip: The Rosewill RK-9000 series are Filco rebrands and arguably the best value in full size mechanical keyboards. And for you tenkeyless lovers out there, Monoprice offers an 87-key with MX Reds for $50.
Mechanical Keyboard buying guide

A good guide for choosing mechanical keyboards of various different price ranges.